Ateres Seminary

Ateres Seminary offers a post high-school experience to girls choosing to forgo the Israel route, in addition to offering returning seminary graduates with a continuing Judaic Studies and College-Accredited program. Under the leadership of Rabbi Grossberg, Menahel and dean, and Mrs. Daphne Hanson, Administrator, Ateres strives to provide girls with the best education.

Ateres’ Judaic program offers exciting courses that are challenging, interesting and above all, practical, covering topics such as Halacha, Hashkafa, and Tanach. The college-accredited program, through Bellevue University, ensures that a Jewish girl earns her college degree and advance her career.

Ateres students come from diverse backrounds, their common thread is their sincere desire to learn and grow. Moving upward together, they become a family. The caring and devoted staff of Ateres, all professionals in their field, serve as role models and mentors. Their time and personal attention to each girl allows every student to reach her potential at her own pace.

The special events curriculum of Ateres consists of stimulating Shabbatons, captivating Chagigas, and exciting trips throughout the year. In addition, the well known guest lecturers from across the U.S. and abroad round off the superb caliber of Seminary/College experience Ateres is renowned for.